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  • 90 Minute Revival Facial

    Enjoy all the elements of our Renewal facial as we immerse your skin with a more dynamic exfoliation and serum rich process for a brightening and renewing experience enhanced to 90 minutes.

  • 90 Minute Thai Massage

    Through this sophisticated sequence of deep rhythmic acupressure to muscles and Sen (energy) lines during assisted stretches and yoga-like postures, this integrated approach stimulates the body’s natural healing ability. Some of the benefits you may experience from Thai Massage include:

    • increased flexibility and range of movement
    • elimination of muscle pain and muscle spasms
    • improved postural alignment
    • calm nervous system and a deep sense of relaxation
    • increased energy level
    • significant release of deep, emotional distress
    • stimulation of blood circulation and lymph drainage
    • stimulation of internal organs
    • relieved fatigue, swollen limbs, painful joints, and headaches
    • extended to 90 minutes
  • DermaPlane

    DermaPlane is a safe and non invasive treatment to rid your face of unwanted hair or “peach fuzz” that traps dirt and oil. The technique used exfoliates your skin to help reduce recent acne scarring and fine lines while enhancing product penetration to promote smoother, healthier skin.

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  • Organic Enzyme Peel

    This treatment will radically improve the health and appearance of your skin by dissolving and loosing the cell structures of your skin so that the outermost layers will wash away. This is a wonderful treatment to help reduce discoloration, acne, scarring, black heads and signs of aging. Enjoy the added benefit of this peel being free from parabens, BPA and acid.

  • Reclaim Massage

    Our Deep Tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The primary purpose is to relieve pain from muscles that are chronically tense and contain stubborn “knots”. Deep Tissue Massage can also address problems such as limited mobility, recovery from injuries by breaking up muscle adhesions and scar tissue, and properly realigning muscle fibers.

  • Renewal Massage

    Our take on a Swedish massage, the most popular form of massage therapy. Long, gliding strokes help to improve blood circulation and induce relaxation throughout the body. Some of the many other benefits include relief of muscle tensions and pain, and reduction of stress. Customized aromatherapy and hot towel compression are included for a deeply therapeutic session

  • Revival Body Treatment

    A specialized body treatment that combines organic herbs and advanced body massage to tone and firm the skin and release toxins. Experience a dry exfoliation, Solavedi’s detox blended body balm massage and warm towel bath that leaves you feeling fresh and revived.

  • Vital Massage

    The ideal solution for instant pain relief when you don’t have a lot of time, between longer sessions, or for chronic pain that requires extra targeted attention.